As promised, I will tell you how I enjoyed my summer here in Sweden and how it is also magical here ūüėČ
The summer in Sweden is really nice, warm and sunny (of course not everyday ūüėä) but it is really nice, and the day is very long where you always feel you have a very long time to do many things and enjoy yourself. As I live in √Ėsterg√∂tland region where we are sort of surrounded with a good number of lakes like Roxen, R√§ngen, J√§rnlunden Lake √Ąrl√•ngen, Kinda Canal and G√∂ta Cana and all of these are waterways in and around Link√∂ping. Most of them are good to swim in. one of the hidden gems was Bl√• lake which is just 7 km far from my home. So, I used to go with my bike when the weather is nice and sunny.
Also, I went many times to Motala, it is a city just close to Link√∂ping where I used to go by train as it takes 39 mins with it. It is the third largest city of √Ėsterg√∂tland, following Link√∂ping and Norrk√∂ping. Motala is situated on the eastern shore of Lake V√§ttern and is regarded as the main centre of both the G√∂ta Canal and the surrounding lake region.
Beside that I visited different cities around Sweden like Jönköping. It is a city on the shores of Lake Vättern as well in southern Sweden. It’s known for its long lakeside beach. Nearby, the Jönköping County Museum is home to artworks by local fairy-tale illustrator John Bauer.

Also, I went to Stockholm many times during the summer. It is really nice city. I visited many attractions their like vasa museum, Abba Museum where I tried virtually on ABBA’s costumes, sing, play, mix original music and felt like I am the fifth member of ABBA. Every time I go to Stockholm, I love to go to Gamla Stan or the old city. I love it so much it is considered as a home to the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral, and it is the Royal Palace, the king‚Äôs official residence. In Gamla Stan you can enjoy the Nordic cuisine, many night spots which includes pubs and bars in an old-school look.

Beside all that I picked a lot of wild blueberries from the nearest forest and made jam, milkshake, and juice out of it. Also, I went to a strawberry garden where I collect delicious and testy strawberries. So, for me to stay in Sweden for the rest of summer and enjoy all these things was one of my best decisions I have made. So, you tell me how was your summer?

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